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7 Bears

TV Series / Pre-production - production management - post-production

Technique – 3D
Director – Guillaume Rio
Showrunner – Robert Vargas
Producer – Netflix, Folivari


3D modelling – Mathieu Auvray
Head of storyboard – Clément Savoyat
Artistic director – Julia Weber

Forget the Seven Dwarfs, here come the Seven Bears! So, look out Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White, because this lovable pack of furballs is putting a fuzzy twist on the fairytales we thought we knew. Based on the acclaimed graphic novels by Emile Bravo, The Seven Bears are brought to animated life by the award-winning Animation Studio Folivari.

Fost is in charge of pre-production and will oversee the CG Animation made by Cube.

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