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Established in the south of Paris and since 2022 in Angoulême, our studios have a capacity of over two hundred workstations. We are specialized in 2D animation and in pre-production for CGI.
We use softwares such as ToonBoom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, TV Paint, Adobe creative suite, Maya and Blender.

As an independent studio, we set up a space for research and development as well as production. Our teams work hand in hand with yours, offering the expertise adapted to your needs.

Our crew is always tailor-made, according to the specifics of each project. We will bring together the best talents and dedicate one of our production managers to guarantee the smooth progress of your production.

Quality is our main focus. This means brainstorming, sharing ideas and being part of the same team, as well as ensuring the right level of flexibility during the creative process.

Each project, context or story is unique and so deserves a personalized offer.

Finally, we can provide access to the International Tax Rebate (30% of eligible expenditures) and assist in finding local distribution, sales agent or broadcaster.

The team

FOST studio is quite new but we are not!

In 2014 while working on The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales and Ernest & Célestine, the Collection, at Folivari, we put together a development workshop where artists worked side by side, shared creative feedback, creating an effervescent atmosphere, resulting in a real artistic ecosystem.

Its evolution into a permanent studio was our instinctive desire as producers.


President – co-founder

He has produced The Big Bad Fox and other tales (2018 César winner for best animated film) and Pachamama (2019 César nominated), amongst other film & TV projects.

Thibaut RUBY

General Director – co-founder

With over 15 years in the animation industry, he has been production manager on Ernest & Celestine (César winner for best animated film, Oscar nominated) and line producer on The Song of the Sea (Oscars, Annie Awards and César nominated).


Studios Director

Has worked as post-production manager at Tabb Productions, producer and in charge of developments at Toon Factory and production manager at Blue Spirit, Superprod and Folivari.

Estelle Leguérinel

Studios coordinator

has worked within Folivari for over three years and joined Fost studio since its inception in 2018.

Céline Durieux

Head of Paris Studio

Sabine Hitier

Head of Angoulême Studio

Judith Enault

Production manager in Paris

Angel Kasyc

Production coordinator in Paris

Alix Ronse

Production coordinator in Angoulême

Mathéo Desset

Production assistant in Paris

Hélène Denoun

Production assistant in Paris

Anouk Lefort

Production assistant in Paris