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Ernest and Célestine, The Collection

TV series 26X13’ / pre-production - production management - post-production

Technique – 3D-2D animation
Directors – Julien Chheng, Jean-Christophe Roger
Producers – Folivari, Mélusine, SO-NORD, RTBF
Background leads – Zyk and Zaza
Characters designer – Jeanne-Sylvette Giraud

A TV series based on Gabrielle Vincent’s books and the film Ernest & Celestine, which follows the original and exciting adventures of a big offbeat bear and a mischievous little mouse.

After Didier Brunner released the movie, also line-produced by Thibaut Ruby in 2012 the concept was developed in a TV series with Damien Brunner. The pre-production was made in Paris by Folivari while the distinctive production of the 3D – 2D looking animation was made with Blue Spirit Studio in Angouleme – Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


© 2017 FOLIVARI / MELUSINE PRODUCTIONS / SO-NORD / RTBF (télévision belge) – OUFtivi

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